Our Sustainability Program

Our Sustainability Promise

At Anirva, we are committed to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources every step of the way. Sustainability is woven into our corporate culture and can be seen in our sustainability promise:
  • We will design our products with an emphasis on conservation and waste elimination, both during the production process, as well as during all stages of the product life cycle.
  • We will minimize our carbon footprint by investing in new products for storing and protecting our supplements.
  • We will set an example for our community, and give back to the people in it.

We have turned our environmental beliefs into action with our newest way to package our supplements, the tube. By using this tube we are eliminating the need for plastic bubble wrap, wasteful paper products or harmful packing peanuts. 


In an effort to stay environmentally friendly, we have come up with many ways that our customers can re-use their Anirva tubes.

  • Use as a pen & pencil holder
  • Use as a make-up brush holder
  • Store bobbie pins inside
  • Store safety pins inside
  • Use to protect glass bottles for travel
  • Use as a change holder