Dr Katie Varman

Katie Varman, MD, FAAD

We are honored to have Dr. Katie Varman, a highly-respected and board-certified dermatologist, as our esteemed scientific advisor at Anirva. With a mission to uncover the root causes of skin conditions, Dr. Varman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Based in sunny California, Dr. Varman specializes in treating inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, hives, and autoimmune diseases. She firmly believes in using a unique blend of conventional and functional medicine to not only manage symptoms but also identify underlying imbalances that drive these conditions.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Varman wears multiple hats. Alongside being a dermatologist, she is a modern-day homesteader and a devoted mother. Her journey began with undergraduate education at the University of Washington, followed by the University of California, San Diego. She pursued her medical education at the prestigious University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where she also excelled as a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellow, graduating with research distinction.

Drawn by her passion for both dermatology and the natural world, Dr. Varman then embarked on a transformative three-year dermatology training at the University of North Carolina. During her time there, she discovered a profound appreciation for the Earth and soil, complemented by the enchanting sounds of boot-stomping bluegrass music. Her heart remains deeply connected to that cherished place.

At Anirva, we are immensely grateful to have Dr. Katie Varman as a guiding light in our pursuit of effective and holistic skincare solutions. Her expertise and passion for whole-body health align perfectly with our mission to provide the best for our valued customers. Together, we are committed to bringing you innovative products and personalized care that nurture and rejuvenate your skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine.