Sabu's Story


Beauty, vitality, and harmony originate within us. Cultivate them carefully and thoughtfully, and you make a transformative shift in your life, one that can bring you to the pinnacle of wellbeing. That peak should be within reach for us all.

That’s the driving force behind Anirva, and our wish for each of you. Growing up in southern India, I lived and thrived in the Ayurvedic modality, which advocates a mindful and proactive approach to our physical bodies, emotional states, and spiritual selves. Originating in India more than five millennia ago, Ayurveda may be the most ancient and complete body of medical knowledge in the world. In it we find the wisdom, simplicity, and harmony to thrive, as well as answers to many of the complex health challenges gripping our modern life.

Our mission at Anirva is to inspire you to flourish, to find your balance, to live your life to its fullest and healthiest. We fulfill it through formulating supplements that beautify from the inside out. In addition to our ingestible skin care products, our future plans include a line of organic and natural skin care as well as a wellness center rooted in the Ayurvedic practices of food, medicine, yoga, and meditation.

In Sanskrit, Anirva means “eternal, immortal.” While true everlasting life is out of reach, the possibility to make the most of our time here is not. To heal and rejuvenate you with the highest-quality products and supplements, Anirva is utterly committed to the science and manufacturing behind them. Blending Ayurvedic wisdom with modern Western research science, we create exacting formulas anchored by proof. We then source premium ingredients and adhere to a clean and exact manufacturing process upheld to the strictest modern standards. The results are products we’re as proud to sell as we are to use ourselves.

May you be blessed to live in beauty vitality and harmony.

-Sabu Varghese