Probiotics and Skin Health

The microbiome of the skin is very complex. It is important to know that the skin barrier and immune system is greatly connected to gut health. Therefore, the way you eat, sleep and go about your day greatly affect the state of health of your body from the inside out. 

If you have a skin condition that has imbalanced the ecosystem in your skin, then probiotics could help replenish the balance.

Different factors can affect the diversity of bacterium in your skin. These factors include:

» The beauty products such as the makeup or soaps you use.
» what you do for a living since this will affect your exposure to pollution or UV rays more often than others.
» the clothing you wear, which can affect UV exposure, exposure to allergens that may attach to fabric, amount of sweating and moisture produced under the clothing, etc.
» whether or not you have antibiotic treatment since antibiotics can wipe out bacterium in your gut, and potentially your skin.

When your skin is exposed to harmful chemicals, pathogens, or other harsh conditions, skin disorders and/or damage may develop. Click the button to the right to learn more.


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