Ebook Skincare Supplements

Although it is best to get most of your nutrients from the food you eat, the reality is that most people do not eat enough nutrient-dense foods. Therefore, everyone could benefit from supplements each day to fill in the gaps.

Taking a supplement may help to complement the benefits of topical applications or may be effective on their own in improving the health of your skin. Examples of some research studies that explore the benefits of ingestible skin care include:

» Grape seed extract was found to reduce reddening of skin after UV exposure as well as increase hydration as compared to placebo.

» Oral carotenoids may help lower oxidative stress in smokers with dry skin.

» Intake of hyaluronic acid can improve skin elasticity and hydration as well as reduce skin roughness and wrinkle depths .

There’s more research where this came from, including possible probiotic treatments that can be applied topically to help improve the condition of the skin. Download your free e-book to learn more.


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