Founder's Story


When I was growing up in South India, my mother mostly relied on Ayurveda to address our health issues. Originating in India more than five thousand years ago, Ayurveda may be the most ancient and complete body of medical knowledge in the world. In it, we find the wisdom, simplicity, and harmony to thrive, as well as answers to many of the complex health challenges gripping our modern life.

Growing up, an herbal tincture or an ingestible from herbs grown on our farm worked from the inside out, and a topical worked from the outside in. This “science of life” modality embraced caring for the self as a whole, incorporating all facets that comprise our vitality. Our skin is our largest organ. To care for it properly requires the same mentality: the embrace of the whole self.


With an Ayurveda foundation, I relocated to America in the 1980s and attained a business administration degree from Southeast Missouri State University.

Among other entrepreneurial pursuits, in 1998, I founded the boutique-consulting firm, BenMar Group. In addition to shaping the company’s strategy and direction, I consulted on business transformation, organizational change, and optimization of their business processes with healthcare, higher education and manufacturing clients. 


Through my journey as a business owner, the foundation of Ayurveda was ever-present in my life. I couldn’t justify the application of expensive topicals sold today that didn’t permeate and nourish the deepest layers of our skin. If to paraphrase Hippocrates, food is our medicine, and medicine our food, we must nourish from the inside out and the outside in. 

Inspired by ancient treatment modalities, we spent over 2 years working with top scientists, cell biologists, and formulators to develop a range of products that work systemically with scientifically proven active ingredients.


Capitalizing on my experience in supply chain, manufacturing, and business transformation, I set high expectations for Anirva in research, manufacturing, and distribution to reinvent how supplements are created today. We started with extensive research on identifying efficacious ingredients by going through clinical studies and analyzing the design, duration, dosage and test results. Then we selected the most active ingredients, understanding the synergy of each, to create the best products, while embracing sustainability.   

By applying this rigorous process in evaluating every step of the manufacturing process, we were able to create products with high potency ingredients, without GMO, artificial colors, gluten, magnesium stearate or unnecessary fillers. We manufacture our supplements in an FDA inspected, GMP certified facility in the USA and package them in glass, amber bottles to prevent degradation from UV rays before distribution.   

Our mission is simple – to improve our health and wellness, we will employ world-class scientists and apply best practices in science and technology to improve everything we do from transparency on product labels, customer service, sustainability, education and giving back to the community we serve.

That’s the essence of Anirva, offered to you.