We are committed to manufacturing our supplements under strict compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The principal behind the GMP is to provide manufacturing guidelines that can offer peace of mind for consumers, that the supplements contain the ingredients and amounts displayed on the label. 

The guidelines outlined by the FDA require supplement manufacturers to follow manufacturing processes, safety procedures, and packaging standards to ensure that dietary supplement labels are truthful and that actual dietary supplement contents match the contents on the Supplement Facts label and are not misleading – in any way.

Anirva even takes this to the next level with our full disclosure labels. Unlike most of our competition, we use no proprietary blends, and we disclose every ingredient in each formulation, along with the exact amount included in each pill.

There are many processes that we went through to adhere strictly to FDA guidelines, including the processes below.

Area of Compliance What Does It Involve?
GMP Regulations and Compliance Management Expertise Well respected, industry known Quality Management.
GMP Certification Manufacturing facility has been FDA GMP certified since 2011.
NSF Certification Manufacturing facility has been certified by the prestigious 3rd party NSF.
Raw materials inspection and testing All raw materials tested for identity, strength, heavy metals, microbial contamination and other likely adulterants.
Manufacturing procedures All standard operating procedures meet FDA GMP requirements and are approved by Quality.
Quality Inspections All products inspected by Quality Control personnel at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Approval Processes All ingredients/products approved by Quality unit separate and independent from Manufacturing.
Microbial testing Ingredients/products are tested to ensure no harmful pathogens are present and that bacteria, yeasts and molds are at normal, safe levels.
Batch documentation All batch production records and associated documents completed according to FDA requirements and maintained for 6 years.
Stability testing On-going stability testing of many products to ensure shelf stable and for expiration dating.
Ingredient identity Ingredients are tested to ensure correct identity using sophisticated analytical methods.
Specifications Production of the supplement is performed against specifications for each product including raw material, in-process and finished product specifications.