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How to Make Diy Hand Sanitizer by 3 Steps

by SABU VARGHESE, April 02, 2020

diy hand sanitizer

As the world grapples with Coronavirus, social distancing and the need to sanitize frequently, stores have been out-of-stock of basic necessities like diy hand sanitizer and even rubbing alcohol. We thought this would be the perfect time to share the do-it-yourself recipe for hand sanitizer using Ever Clear instead of rubbing alcohol. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Yield: This recipe creates 6 fluid ounces of sanitizer with an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of 60% for home use.  

NOTE: CDC Guidelines recommend an alcohol concentration of at least 60% ABV for effective defense against viruses and germs.  


  • 4 fl oz, of 190 proof grain alcohol (used Ever Clear brand)
  • 2 fl oz, Aloe Vera Gel


  1. In a glass bowl, combine grain alcohol with aloe vera gel. 
  2. Mix well with a whisk until combined thoroughly. 
  3. Pour the alcohol and aloe vera gel mix in to a bottle or container with a tight fitting lid.  


  • Make the hand sanitizer in a clean space that has been cleaned with a bleach solution.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before making the hand sanitizer.
  • Wash the utensils and whisk thoroughly before using them.
  • Make sure the alcohol used for the hand sanitizer is not diluted.
  • Using high-proof grain alcohol in this recipe may be very drying on the hands. 


According to the's "Interim Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations", hand sanitizer containing an alcohol component at a concentration of 60% or more is effective at sanitizing hands by killing viruses including the virus that causes the coronoavirus and COVID-19.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all antimicrobial sanitizers as over-the-counter drugs (OTC). This homemade solution is NOT for commercial use. 


This homemade solution has never been tested in a lab to determine its efficacy against viruses such as the coronavirus. This diy hand sanitizer is not a substitute for proper handwashing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has tested a recipe that contains the proper level of alcohol can be found here:  the World Health Organization. Please check with your health care professional before using any home remedy on you or your family.

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